About Cobot

Cobot is a management platform for coworking spaces. Coworking spaces from New Delhi to San Francisco use us to manage their members, collect payments, book conference rooms, and more. Our customers range from small creative spaces with only a few members to huge business accelerators with thousands of people.

We’re a bootstrapped company, operating since 2009 from our coworking space co.up in Berlin Kreuzberg. We’re a team of 15 people, meaning lots of opportunity for you to actively shape the product, and contribute to the success of the team in a very direct way.

Our technology stack is evolving all the time. Our backend is mostly Ruby/Rails, but we're also dipping into Elixir. Our frontend is moving to Ember.JS.

Our team values working at a healthy pace and a normal working day over working long hours late into the night. We foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning. If something’s worth fixing or improving, it should be fixed or improved. Making mistakes is part of what we do, and we make sure we have each other’s backs and learn from them.

We value diversity in all aspects of our team. We value everyone’s questions, insights and feedback.

Current openings

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